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The Most popular social medias in Argentina

We’re living in a digital age, which means a global age. So, in Argentina, like anywhere else, the most popular applications for social media include Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram and Snapchat. Snapchat is the one social network that is growing with rapidest speed. One of the reasons for this

Criminality in Argentina and Other Countries

At this moment, Mario noticed the metal against the back of his head and stood very still. “Now turn around slowly” – Mario believed to know himself in real danger. The most terrible thing about fear is uncertainty. So he feigned not understanding English. Then the perp pointed the

Crime Rates in Argentina and England

The first time someone pointed a gun at Mario, he was in London, on a cold winter December night. The cold steel touched his forehead and sent shivers all the way down to his feet. He never knew if the gun actually had bullets, but it did not matter.

Economic Issues in Argentina

It is no coincidence that the most widespread joke about Argentinian people in other Spanish speaking countries has economic connotations. For example, buying an Argentine product for its original price and selling it later for the price he or she thinks to be worth, is bound to turn huge

Argentines Living Abroad

Argentines living abroad fret one thing above anything else and that is losing their identity, which they carry high above them as trophies. The first time this happened to Gastón, a successful tennis player living in Spain, was two years ago, while talking on the phone with a friend

Cultural Differences between Argentina and Other Countries

In Argentina, there is a really funny word which is typical only to this region that refers to a bus (bus as in the wheeled vehicle that serves as a method of public transport). The word people use in Argentina to refer to bus is “colectivo”, which, in a

Argentinians’ Passion for Music

As mentioned in the previous post, El Nano Serrat in Catalonia is mostly followed by old ladies, but not by the children of those ladies, or their husbands for that matter, much less their grandchildren. Strangely enough, he or his music seems somewhat passé here. In addition to that,

Argentinian Culture Vs. Spanish Culture

As mentioned before, Teatro Colón might be the best venue a true artist could ever wish for when performing in Argentina. Spanish singer Joan Manuel Serrat, known as El Nano Serrat by his fans, was granted the honor of performing at Teatro Colón. Perhaps, per the public’s request that,

El Teatro Colón: the Opera House

One of the first things that will surprise you about Catalonia, when you will arrive here, is that Joan Manuel Serrat here is neither a god nor a demigod. He never was and never will be. You are not the first one to think about this. Each Argentinian person