Economic Issues in Argentina

economic-issues-in-argentinaIt is no coincidence that the most widespread joke about Argentinian people in other Spanish speaking countries has economic connotations. For example, buying an Argentine product for its original price and selling it later for the price he or she thinks to be worth, is bound to turn huge profit. However, some people thing this is not merely a joke. There are those who say that Argentine and money are, as everyone knows, like a couple who hate each other to death. To this comparison, let’s establish two names that represent each member of this relationship; Mr. Green will refer to money and Mr. Porto will refer to the Argentine person in question.

When Mr. Green leaves home, almost always due to ill treatment, Mr. Porto realizes how much he loved him. And, if one day, the ingrate Mr. Green returns gentle, devaluated and apologetic, Mr. Porto loses all interest in him. There are times when Mr. Green abuses Mr. Porto, who lowers his head like a pushover, pathetic person in love. Until, one day, the state places Mr. Green in custody. If Mr. Green did not exist, Mr. Porto would have nothing to complain about.

It is not true that Mr. Porto’s favorite subjects, especially to complain about, are football and psychoanalysis. Everything Mr. Porto does (every single action) is fueled by his passion and love for Mr. Green. The curious thing is that, in the beginning of the 20th century, mothers used the word “cobrar”, (in Spanish it translates as “to receive money or to collect” but it is also a slang word for getting beaten), to threaten their kids to finish a task or comply with a certain order. In any case, today, people hear that same word from their employers, but as an incentive, not a threat. Either way, none of these threats or promises ever turn true.