The Most popular social medias in Argentina

We’re living in a digital age, which means a global age. So, in Argentina, like anywhere else, the most popular applications for social media include Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram and Snapchat. Snapchat is the one social network that is growing with rapidest speed. One of the reasons for this development is the fact that Millennials are tiered of everything being visible for everyone, while Snapchat allowing them to communicate both socially and privately at the same time. With the add on of fun filters, Snapchat has become one of the most important apps for Argentinian youth.

shutterstock_256473613What about Facebook?

Just because Snapchat is gaining momentum at an unforseen speed, doesn’t mean Facebook are loosing users. It’s rather the other way around. In the whole world, Argentina included, users are staying true to Facebook, all the while new users are continuing to join the social network. But Argentinians also like to visit, and other local pages. Even in the world of increased interconnectivity across the globe, people are searching for that local sense of belonging. It will be interesting to see if Argentinian start-ups will be able to come up with an alternative to the hegemony of Facebook.

What’s to come?

Social media in Argentina is not only about creating social networks for the local community, either for communication or news purposes. It is also about attracting tourists, using social media as a tool to get foreigners to visit Argentina, and making the journey as easy as possible once there. The potential for tourism on social media is ever expanding, and especially now when Facebook has allowed the use of VR (virtual reality) videos directly into people’s newsfeed. This is a very interesting development in which one doesn’t yet know the outcome of. But for anyone interested in social media, one should keep ones eyes open.